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Morten W. J. morten at
Wed Jun 22 05:56:33 UTC 2005

On Tuesday den 21. June 2005 19:50, Shawn Christopher wrote:
> That combined with a few of the ideas on this list are exactlly what I
> was talking about. If there was an ability in Synaptic that once you
> install packages it puts a little "tick" mark in a log file, then if you
> choose to remove to a certain point then it removes everything back to
> that "tick".
> >>Actually, what I would like to see is a feature in Synaptic that would
> >>roll back the previous install (and dependencies...)
> /"Sure" one may say,"but you don't have that opportunity with GUI
> frontends!?!" Exactely Do not use them. If you do not know what you are
> doing learn it and stop whining about lack of backup-functionality.
> /
> Nice attitude,
Why, thank you :-)

> thus why people are scared of linux. People complain 
> about Windows users and boast about how Linux is better than Windows.
No I don't. My point is that people should use the OS that is best suited for 
them. If somebody tries to force something onto you, you might be in your 
rights to ask them for assistance, but I would like to point out that a very, 
very large part of the Linux users does NOT ask people to shift OS.

The fact that I do not encourage people to shift OS gives me the right to 
reject the idea of a Window like set of system tools.

> Great, however and I am not saying this to be evil or anything but
> besides Ubuntu the linux community is pretty much full of stuck up nerds
> that thus quote RTFM on everything even if there is no manual. 
If this comment is on me, let me correct you. I didn't say RTFM. I said "do 
not shift OS unless you know what and why you are doing it!". I believe there 
is a remarkable difference.

Morten W. Jørgensen

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