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Shawn Christopher schristopheraz at
Tue Jun 21 17:50:03 UTC 2005

That combined with a few of the ideas on this list are exactlly what I 
was talking about. If there was an ability in Synaptic that once you 
install packages it puts a little "tick" mark in a log file, then if you 
choose to remove to a certain point then it removes everything back to 
that "tick".

>>Actually, what I would like to see is a feature in Synaptic that would
>>roll back the previous install (and dependencies...)

/"Sure" one may say,"but you don't have that opportunity with GUI 
frontends!?!" Exactely Do not use them. If you do not know what you are 
doing learn it and stop whining about lack of backup-functionality.
Nice attitude, thus why people are scared of linux. People complain 
about Windows users and boast about how Linux is better than Windows. 
Great, however and I am not saying this to be evil or anything but 
besides Ubuntu the linux community is pretty much full of stuck up nerds 
that thus quote RTFM on everything even if there is no manual. There is 
an issue here where someone has got to give. Windows, Mac, or Linux. 
We've already seen Mac fold by going to Intel which is a *bleh* move 
however they're getting the idea. Hell, Apple built OSX on top of BSD so 
they at least have half a clue on how to make an OS. Make it easy enough 
for anyone to use and you can actually put a price tag to it (and make 
some decent money). Maybe it is just me...however that would make some 
sense. Make an OS that people would WANT to give up the others 
for...even if you don't charge for it and the money should follow.

/*jaw drops*
That's some serious abuse of CVS/Time and geek ability  ;-) 

You need to be using Gentoo for that sort of "Cause I can" behaviour/

I'd like to know if there is a manual on how to do this? If not will you 
write one?

T/here's many times I decide to play around with something that installs
50 extra dependencies, and it would be nice to just "undo" an install...


I ran across this myself. While installing zope two days ago my computer 
overheated (I live in Arizona on a corner apartment, yes with full 
airconditioning it still gets 80F here) and instantly just rebooted, 
*beep* and shuts down completely. So when I rebooted the computer and 
came back up I had half packages installed which made synaptic and apt 
very upset. I along with some other people would love to see a "GoBack" 
or a "uninstall last installed package" feature. Regardless of what some 
others may say.

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