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Mike Drabik drabikmr at
Tue Jun 21 20:44:03 UTC 2005

Don Stauffer wrote on Tue, 21 Jun 2005 08:44:39 -0400:

>So I don't care if Windows people can't
"Click'n'pray" as they are used . . .< 

I'm mostly a lurker on this list - watching for topics
that interest me.

This topic caught my eye and frankly I've been
thinking about the need for something like this in

As for what Mr. Stauffer said, what I have to say can
be said in one word: ATTITUDE!

It's one of the chief complaints that most those peope
the 'low-life' Windoze click 'n pray people" loath

I've been using Hoary Ubuntu since February 2005 and I
love most of it. I wouldn't change over now no matter
what somebody told me.

I've tried to convince the Windoze people in the
places where I work to consider Linux and other Open
Source Software - and it ain't no use - as things
stand now.

I remember showing one of my bosses the amazing and
versatile Gnome Desktop through Ubuntu Life CD.  He
was especially impressed with multi-desktop capablity.
 So, I clicked, and whirled and keyed and did 100
Linux tricks while he stood there totally awed.

Yet his only comment at the end of all this was not
"Where do I get this Ubuntu Linux?", but rather "Gosh!
Gee! Do ya think Microsoft will do this with Windows?"

I should have known better - this was the same guy who
only took the time to learn Quicken after he
discovered one of his employees tampering with the
business' books which were being manually maintained
at that time. 

I did have had some minor success getting him to use
Fire Fox on his Windoze XP LapTop, but he won't even
consider using Open Office - not for love or money.

Now the guy wants to go wireless and, frankly with the
trouble I've had getting an old clunker Laptop with a
PCMCIA card to go wireless on Linux I don't even want
to go there right now.

I have another example too: Open Office Phobia: at
another place I work I tried to introduce Open Office
with a person who openly and proudly calls herself
"Computer Illiterate."  The first time she tried to
use O.O's spreadsheet and tried to delete a cell's
contents and got a dialog box, she was just froze;
called me at home and told me the "@&*#@(@#(@"
spreadsheet wasn't working like Excel did. My queries
to her couldn't, for the all tea China, get her to
tell me exactly what was wrong other than 'It looks
strange.' Yes, that's right, I know, all she had to do
was click "OK" and she would have been in business.
But that odd looking box was an unbridgeable obstacle
for her. I had to unstall O.O. in the end and go back
to MS Office 2000.

The point is that no matter how diffcult it is these
two 'every persons' are the ones out there in mass
numbers - indeed they, I would speculate, are the
majority of the computer users in the world.  Taking
an attitude toward them isn't going to help things.

The elitism has GOT TO GO if we really want ma, pa,
jimmy, joey, jeany and their 80 year old
great-grandmaw to be willing to use the people's O/S -
Ubuntu Linux.

And if adding a GUI system restore facility is part of
that price - so be it.

If you don't like it - for you out there who are so
deep in to the very heart Linux - well I'm' sure you
have the time AND the expertise to go right down to
the code level and remove it from your system if you
have to.

Letting the whole world into Linux means things are
going to get dirty in here (aka impure). But if this
can beat Billy-Boy Gates and his Microsoft goons - I'm
all for it.

So, let's not cut off our noses to spite our faces,

Mike In Ohio, USA

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