iBook Hoary Users

Scott J. Henson scotth at csee.wvu.edu
Wed Jun 15 14:34:45 UTC 2005

volvoguy wrote:

>You didn't happen to figure out any wireless solutions yet did you?
>:o) I'm saving up for a 30Gb to 100Gb hard drive upgrade and I'd love
>to put Ubuntu back on it - but it's not much use without a net
>connection (especially when you're a web designer!).
Just out of curiosity, how are you planning on installing that new hard
drive?  I'm asking cause my drive just died and its out of warentee and
I'm looking for a good way to replace it and not pay Apple.

>So far I mostly see,"brand x, model x, but only version 1.x because
>they switched chipsets after that", blah, blah. Is there such a thing
>as a little wireless device that connects via a short ethernet cable?
>Seems that would make hardware incompatibilities a non-issue.
I have a DWL-122 like a previous poster suggested.  Its nice, but if
your ibook sleeps at all the wireless card will freak out and not work
all that well.  Additionally, it causes hard locks at seemingly random
To answer your other question about hooking up over the ethernet cable. 
Yes they do exist and they are sweet.  A friend of mine has one and I
was just about to get one when my hard drive died.  The one I was
looking at buying one was nice, but its model escapes me.  After a quick
google though I find the Linksys Wet11.   Search for ethernet on the
following page for more models.


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