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Erik Bågfors zindar at
Fri Jun 10 14:28:52 UTC 2005

On 6/10/05, Chanchao <custom at> wrote:
> Hello Erik,
> Friday, June 10, 2005, 4:46:36 PM, you wrote:
> >> Same for this whole universe/multiverse thing.. Users really don't
> >> care: things are 'free' when stuff doesn't pop up a page to enter
> >> credit card details. That's plenty free enough for most of us, and
> >> these things just shouldn't be hidden like this.
> EB> What's hidden? What do you mean? Do you want both universe and
> EB> multiverse to be included in main? Do you want them to be on by
> EB> default? Do you want multiverse to be in universe?
> I guess, yes. I don't think users even want know about multiverse or
> somethingelse-verse.. I think they just want to run Synaptic, search
> for the app, check the box and click 'apply'.

And then something broke because you got it from a strange place and
you blame ubuntu for being bad? No thanks, support is very good.

If someone is looking for an application to do X, it's MUCH MUCH
better if they run the version from "main", that's been tested and is
supported, than they go trough all of universe and multiverse, search
for some strange piece of software that's buggy as hell.

Part of being in main is because it's the "best" one (for some
definition of best).

For example. Say I want a cd burner program and I have
"everything-under-the-sun" activated in synaptic. Looking in synaptic
I can find a BUNCH of them. If I'm a new user, I have no idea what to

Now, a new user that only has "main" will only find one program, he
will install it and be happy.  Having every program under the sun
available in synaptic by default is NOT the way to go. (disregarding
the current situation on cd burning software in ubuntu)
> If there is a good reason (i.e. a reason that the USER would need to
> know about(!) to keep these separate then a notifiction/warning on
> Synaptec (or another apt-get) tool would be fine. Or by default all
> *-verses could be switched on. As I see it, there is the little Ubunto
> logo anyway on apps that are in main? That does indeed give that extra
> bit of confidence. Actually that's all the notification I need so I
> can see if something is in main (is supported) or not. Turn on all the
> *verses by default I say. Less headache for new users.

I strongly disagree.  See above.

> As for being able to support it... We're not paying anyone for
> support, so they don't have to feel obliged to support some kind of
> artificial sub-set of software.. Users will want to load everything
> and-the-kitchen-sink anyway, then come to the forums and this list for
> questions on how to make it work.  That is the way of things! (On
> any non commerical Linux anyways)

So just because you are not paying for support, you shouldn't receive
any? That's not a good way to make ubuntu popular.  Let's not go down
that road.

How do you define "none commercial Linux" btw? Are you saying that
ubuntu is not commercial??

> EB> In my mind it's so clear
> EB> Main is a subset of application that canonical feels that they can support.
> EB> Universe is the rest of free linux applications. Support is on a comunity basic
> EB> Multiverse is simply things that you CANNOT distribute however you want.
> Oh.. Didn't know that yet. To me it was just a matter of "Argh..! Why
> can't I find app xyz!", dig in Google, dig in How-to's, wiki's... Find
> the how-to on enabling "YES-I-WANT-IT-ALL-verse"... Phew! That worked.
> It doesn't have to be that hard unless someone wants it to be.

It's not hard. Look through the ubuntuguide, the ubuntu website, or
just google and you'll find it.  You can turn it on with two clicks in
synaptic.  It's all prepared for you, just not default.

Can it be better? Sure, maybe with your help.


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