Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Thu Jun 9 02:58:03 UTC 2005

> My understading is that backports are entirely un-supported. 

they are unsupported by Ubuntu.  But I suspect they are supported by
the backport team.  It's up to you to judge if this is acceptable or
not for your situation.

> So if I
> install for example gcc-4.0-base from the backports repository which
> would in effect remove gcc-3.5-base due to the conflict (keeping in
> mind that gcc-3.5-base is supported), does that mean that any further
> update made to main or restricted repositories for the gcc-x.x-base
> package will not appear in the "upgrade" list (say if I wanted to
> revert back to the supported package).

correct.  Since any updates in main or restricted would be to that
gcc-3.5 package, you will never seen them since you would be using
gcc-4, a totally different package.

Daniel Robitaille

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