Checking/managing /var/mail with either evolution or something similar

Hubertus Hiden hubertus at
Thu Jun 9 06:50:53 UTC 2005

Hi Charles

In case your mailclient is Evolution then I think you could create an
account that uses your local mail dir.

If you're using Thunderbird then open Synaptic and install the package
qpopper. After that you can create an additional mailaccount in
Thunderbird with the following settings:
POP3 Server: localhost
Username: <your login user>
Password: <your login password>
USername and Password are the same that you use for logging in to your
ubuntu box !!

Hope it helps

Charles Malespin schrieb:

>Hi all, I am fairly new to linux and I still havent been able to figure
>out how to check and/or manage my var/mail/<usrname> . Is there some way
>that gives you an easier gui than the terminal? If there isnt can
>someone please do a step by step as to how to check and delete etc.
>messages there? I am using gkrellm and I see that I have messages, but I
>have no idea how to access them(if possible through gkrellm....) and the
>more steps the better! Thanks, Charles

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