ubuntu a desktop OS?

wylfing ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Tue Jun 7 21:53:08 UTC 2005

The difference between a "server" and a "desktop" in Linux is, well, not
much. There may be some extra things in a desktop-focused install that
you don't need to have on your server, but unless you are strapped for
resources there is nothing wrong with them being there. Disk space is
so cheap nowadays that it just doesn't matter.

Now, I always use Debian on the server, but that is mostly for
historical and philosophical reasons. (Mainly, I don't want my server
to be bleeding-edge. I want it to be stable.) But if you look at my
Ubuntu desktop, I have the following "server" programs running: mysql,
sshd, nfs, samba, cups, and postfix. On the server two meters away,
running Debian, there is: mysql, sshd, nfs, apache, samba, cups, exim,
fetchmail, and courier-imap. Not too different! It's a lot more about
what purpose you put the machines to, not what distro you installed.


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