ubuntu a desktop OS?

Todd Deshane deshantm at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 20:31:45 UTC 2005

> > Now I would like to ask your technical opinion if Ubuntu is good,
> > efficient and effective to be used as my Internet and local network
> > server or it is just for desktop purposes only?

>From my experience, Ubuntu is very good as a server. I have 
set up 3 Ubunutu servers, one is a web server, another is a 
database server, and just yesterday I set up a file server.  All
have been running impressively well and the performance has
been either as good or better than the Fedora Core 3 box that
I have been using.  Ubuntu was actually my first experience with
a Debian-based distribution and I was very impressed by the speed
especially when connected over an ssh connection to do administration.

The availability, stability, and ease of install of packages has also been
nice. (And being able to use Debian packages without a problem is nice
too.)  Similar installs on Ubuntu have been much easier compared to 
Fedora's in my experience. (Tracking down RPM's is not an issue with


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