[breezy] apt-get install ubunte-desktop missing dependency (libecal1.2-3)

Martin Holt Juliussen mjuliuss at online.no
Sun Jun 5 09:50:27 UTC 2005

lør, 04,.06.2005 kl. 19.52 -0400, skrev Stephen R Laniel:

> apt-cache search libecal, you'll find (or at least, I found)
> libecal1.2-2 - Client library for evolution calendars
> libecal1.2-dev - Client library for evolution calendars (development files)
> libecal1.2-3 - Client library for evolution calendars
> So the right version number does exist.

It did not exist here, as I should have specified. I decided to just
use the "main" repository because I just wanted to check that repository
now in the start. Silly as I am, I did not think about that when I got
the error:-) But should packages in main depend on packages "on the

I found it in universe by the way.

Thank you Stephen


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