Can't Print from gedit

Joe Potter jpotter1034 at
Sun Jun 5 00:43:30 UTC 2005

Michael Richter wrote:

> Let me put it this way: I was really, really enthused with Ubuntu and
> evangelising it with my coworkers.  Until I had to try to get a
> printer to work.  A lousy LaserJet 1000.  You know -- probably the
> most common laser printer in the world.

We have many HP laser printers at our school. We even have the barely
functional HP laserjet 1000 which is truly a nightmare. For less money I
got a Brother HP-2070N network printer that is 5 times the printer and
network ready to boot. We also have several of the 1300 HP series
running fine under Debian.

I am sorry to hear you did not check the printer database first. You can
make that printer work --- but I would doubt it worth the effort.

Regards, Joe

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