Can't Print from gedit

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Sun Jun 5 00:38:20 UTC 2005

I just set my HP PSC 2210 a few moments ago. I turned on the printer, 
rebooted the system, went to System > Administration > Printing and set it 
up with the proper driver. Opened the gedit document and printed it right 
out. I am using Hoarty. Had problems printing with Warty.

Hope this helps---

Outer Bubbaistan

On 6/4/05, alex <radsky at> wrote:
> All I want to be able to do is print documentation that I've typed or
> copied into gedit but I just can't seem to get my printer to work. All
> I can find on the web is situations dealing with networks.
> I have a HP5551 printer connected to one computer running ubuntu, the
> simplest possible setup.
> Are there any instructions for setting up a printer that's connected to
> one computer? I know nothing about the relative merits of
> different printer setups, CUPS, et al.
> Where do I start?
> alex, the OF
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