yahoo pop service for evolution

ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY zamb at
Sat Jun 4 21:51:09 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 21:17 +0100, Sam Tygier wrote:
> mine is definatly a free (as in beer) account. they occationally send
> me adverts though. i use the account for pop and smtp, and occation
> the webbased if i am on another computer.
> a look at the heads of this mail should show thats it has gone through
> the yahoo smtp
> sam
> ___________________________________________________________ 
> Yahoo! Messenger - NEW crystal clear PC to PC calling worldwide with
> voicemail
Thanks for informing us.  Maybe it's because you're using “”
services and not the normal “.com”?

Because, as far as I know, me and all my friends who have *free*
“Yahoo!” accounts can't use the SMTP/POP services, and we always have
advertisements!  You're lucky!


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