yahoo pop service for evolution

Sam Tygier samtygier at
Sat Jun 4 20:17:06 UTC 2005

> On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 09:32 +0100, Sam Tygier wrote:
>>do really need to do this?
>>if you enable pop on the site, then you can get it with
>>the builting pop in evolution/thunderbird.
>>my settings in thunderbird are
>>server 110
>>username samtygier
>>outgoing server 25
>>i am pretty sure you need to log in and turn on pop though.
> Free “Yahoo! Mail” accounts don't have access to the POP3 services and
> can be checked only through their web site.  This is why such
> applications (like “fetchyahoo”) exist.
> Ziyad.

mine is definatly a free (as in beer) account. they occationally send me adverts though. i use the account for pop and smtp, and occation the webbased if i am on another computer.

a look at the heads of this mail should show thats it has gone through the yahoo smtp


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