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Russell Cook ruscook_oz at
Sat Jun 4 22:04:50 UTC 2005

Interesting, like my UK friend I have a free account and have POP and 
Forwared access (working here for me now). However here's the help text 
from the mail options page on Forwarding:

Yes! Yahoo! Mail users can read their Yahoo! Mail messages in Netscape, 
Eudora, or Outlook by subscribing to the Yahoo! Mail Plus service 
<*>. This 
service allows you to use Outlook, Eudora, or another POP3 client to 
access and manage your Yahoo! Mail and also includes the ability to:

    * Automatically forward your Yahoo! Mail to another email account --
      even another Yahoo! address.
    * Send messages up to 10MB in size
    * Send email without the Yahoo! promotional text at the bottom.

Once you have subscribed, you're ready to set up your Yahoo! Mail 
account to read your messages in an email program. Click "Mail Options," 
choose "POP Access & Forwarding 
and follow the directions.

Even though my address is a I access my mail through (not so it looks like we may have got in before 
they made it a chargeable service :-)


>On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 21:17 +0100, Sam Tygier wrote:
>>mine is definatly a free (as in beer) account. they occationally send
>>me adverts though. i use the account for pop and smtp, and occation
>>the webbased if i am on another computer.
>>a look at the heads of this mail should show thats it has gone through
>>the yahoo smtp
>Thanks for informing us.  Maybe it's because you're using ""
>services and not the normal ".com"?
>Because, as far as I know, me and all my friends who have *free*
>"Yahoo!" accounts can't use the SMTP/POP services, and we always have
>advertisements!  You're lucky!

Kind Regards Russell
Linux user #369094

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