yahoo pop service for evolution

Charles Malespin charles.malespin at
Thu Jun 2 19:42:34 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 15:33 -0400, Michael R Head wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 10:32 -0500, Charles Malespin wrote:
> > Thanks for the suggestion Ziyad, I got fetchyahoo from synaptic and have
> > it installed.  I can run it from the command line, but that isnt what I
> > want to do... Basically, here is my problem.  I have never used
> > evolution or anything similar so I dont really know how to set these
> > things up.  I dont know how to set up a local directory or what to put
> > in for the pop servers or SMTP outgoing server or anything like that....
> > I hate to be such a noob and baby about this, but if someone wouldnt
> > mind explaining quickly what to do I would greatly appreciate it!  Thank
> > you guys, this forum is a saviour for noobs like me!
> Start evolution. go to Edit/Preferences. Click the Add button. Step
> through the wizard, adding your personal information. Once you get to
> the "Receiving Email" step, you'll have to select some "Server type".
> You have said you want POP, so select that. 
> You'll need to get the connection information from your provider at this
> point. If you intend to use POP from yahoo, you have to pay them money
> (gmail allows POP access but does not require money for it). In any
> event, if you want to use POP, you'll have to have a POP account
> somewhere, and the people running that place should provide you with the
> host and username information. 
> Once you've entered that info, click Forward and you might want to
> enable "Leave messages on server," otherwise your message will be
> automatically deleted from your inbox when you download them in
> evolution.
> Click forward to get to the "Sending Email" page. Again, you'll need to
> supply information given to you by either your ISP or your email
> provider. Sometimes the host will be something like ""
> or similar, but you really will have to find that out from your ISP or
> email provider.
> After that, you're basically done. Just click Send/Receive to download
> your email into evolution.
> Does that help you?
> mike
> > 
> > 
> > 
Mike, thanks for the walkthrough.  Unfortunately the problem is that I
am trying to use fetchyahoo with evolution so that I dont have to pay
for the pop service from yahoo.....  Thats where I am confused as to
what pop and Sending info to use.  I have gotten the gmail to work fine,
but since yahoo charges I am trying to get something that can go around
it and still send my mail to evolution.... Sorry for the unclear
situation.  I dont have to use fetchyahoo either, I will use any of
them, yahoopops(or Y!pops) is supposed to work, but on their website
they dont have directions on how to configure for evolution.  Only
thunderbird and something else, and I cant get it to work either way.  

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