OpenOffice printer install

Jarz Corp ulist at
Wed Jun 1 15:22:08 UTC 2005

True U can do your "daily" work, but U can no longer print directly from
openoffice that has been messed up and won't be fixed until version 2
something. Sound which isn't a part of daily work of course, alsalib
doesn't exist in the 64bit repos.

Java works perfectly but flash doesn't exist and probably won't for a
long time, and even though it bugs me there are serious websites out
there that uses flash.

Game support, different libs missing, not a part of daily work, but
still a very important part if we want people to switch and to switch
totally, yes I have heard about cedega but if I want to pay to be able
to play a game I boot into my paid XP Pro.

And I haven't even mentioned all the little hacks U have to do in order
to get sound to work "properly"

Jarz Corp

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