Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Jul 26 19:43:52 UTC 2005

Jason Voegele wrote:

> I'm not saying that a GUI wizard shouldn't be available, only that it
> should be provided by a distribution or desktop environment.  I don't
> think it makes sense for each and every application out there to reinvent
> the wheel and create its own configuration GUI.  A configuration editor
> should be a generic component, such as Webmin for example.
> Now in order to have a truly generic configuration editor, more
> applications would have to agree on a consistent config file format, but I
> think that is far more preferable than each application writing its own
> configuration GUI.  What GUI toolkit should it use?  Do you need to
> provide a different GUI wizard for each toolkit out there?  Should it
> integrate with debconf?  I don't think these are questions that can be
> answered at the individual application level, but rather are questions
> that can be answered by Ubuntu, or Gnome, or KDE, or Webmin, etc.

I disagree.  Yes, if someone at the Desktop level wants to write a generic
GUI wizard, then you could plug into it (exactly as most Debian/ubuntu
packages plug into debconf to some degree), but until that happens
developers are responsible for the configuration tools for their own
packages.  If I'm ever given a choice between two tools, one with a config
tool and one without, I'll take the one with the config tool almost every
time.  Now, if a developer wants to write a webmin module for their app,
I'm all for it, but however it's done, there _should_ be a tool to
configure the app properly.

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