Ubuntu DVI video port support

William Chapman jeddahbill at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 22:28:38 UTC 2005

> Matt,
> Thanks for the tips!!!
> Well, on both my video cards the VGA & DVI ports are actually separate
> receptacles on the card bracket - no adaptor is used.  (I realize that
> there could be confusion because I usually refer to the card as a
> "video adapter.")
> However, I hadn't thought about your other point:  viz., having both
> VGA & DVI cables hooked up simultaneously.  Actually, that's the way
> my Asus/MSI setup is; and the Shuttle box (the one that's working) has
> only the DVI cable connected!  (Perhaps if both are connected, the
> card, or bios, prefers the VGA.)  So, maybe that will  make a
> difference.  I'll try it!!
> I will also look more closely at the nVidia driver choices.  I haven't
> yet been down into the actual X config files; the nVidia drivers
> basically just worked the first time (on VGA) following the install
> procedure in the UbuntuStartupGuide.
> Thanks again,
> Bill Chapman


That was it!  I removed the VGA cable, and the system came up on DVI from boot!!

Thanks again,

Bill Chapman

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