Ubuntu DVI video port support

William Chapman jeddahbill at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 22:14:48 UTC 2005

On 7/25/05, Matt Patterson <matt at v8zman.com> wrote:

> Are you using a DVI->VGA adapter. I found that my nvidia card didnt like
> detecting a monitor connected that way if I was using the edid flag
> options for the nvidia driver. If instead of allowing the card to detect
> the spec's of the monitor I simply put in the horizontal and vertical
> refresh specs it worked perfectly. I also found that it doesnt like
> having any other connector plugged in when the dvi connector is in use
> (ie no svideo or vga).
> Just thought I might pass along some hints, unfortunately every nvidia
> card seems to be different!
> Matt


Thanks for the tips!!!   

Well, on both my video cards the VGA & DVI ports are actually separate
receptacles on the card bracket - no adaptor is used.  (I realize that
there could be confusion because I usually refer to the card as a
"video adapter.")

However, I hadn't thought about your other point:  viz., having both
VGA & DVI cables hooked up simultaneously.  Actually, that's the way
my Asus/MSI setup is; and the Shuttle box (the one that's working) has
only the DVI cable connected!  (Perhaps if both are connected, the
card, or bios, prefers the VGA.)  So, maybe that will  make a
difference.  I'll try it!!

I will also look more closely at the nVidia driver choices.  I haven't
yet been down into the actual X config files; the nVidia drivers
basically just worked the first time (on VGA) following the install
procedure in the UbuntuStartupGuide.

Thanks again,

Bill Chapman

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