KDE vs Gnome

Serg Belokamen serg.belokamen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 01:30:03 UTC 2005

On 21/07/05, Bernie Betlach <bernie at betlach.com> wrote:
> Hi.....  Just wondering, I'm new to Linux  and just wanted some simple
> answers..... 
> !) What is the bottom line difference between Gnome and KDE? 
Look and feel are most notisable from user point of view (and
obviousely architecture)
> 2) Can't I install both and switch back and forth? 

> 3). Is it just personal preference as to which GUI you like? 
I used to use one, now use the other... Personal choise since you can
install KDE apps on GNOME and GNOME apps on KDE.

> 4). Can apps that run on Gnome also run on KDE and vs versa? 
Read above. Yes.

> 5).  Is the desktop the only difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu? 
Yes. Obviousely user applications as well that form part of a
particular desktop.

> Sorry if I have over simplified my query. 
There are no dumb questions. (There are however a lot of dumb people
who ask them).
All questions are welcomed though... Thats why we are here :) 

> Bernie 
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