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susantha Bandara wrote:
> please send me details on ubuntu firewall config. I have a plan to
> protect Ms Exchange 2000 server with ubuntu frewall. please send me
> relevant help and support
> susantha Weerakoon


We don't mind helping people who are running into some sort of
problem with Ubuntu, but most people on this list would like to see
that an attempt has been made to solve the problem before asking for

Also, your question is rather general.  Nobody is even capable of
sending you all the "details on ubuntu firewall config" as it is a
subject that has filled a number of thick books already.  Asking for
"relevant help and support" is also much too general.

Having said all that, if you are planning on making a firewall that
will protect something that is either commercial and/or very
important (ie: a target for crackers), then you may want to get one
of those thick books on firewalls that I mentioned.

If you are going to build a firewall for home use, look at the
shorewall package.  It's in the official Ubuntu software list so it
is available to you via Synaptic.

If you run into problems when setting up shorewall, then post a
question to this list and tell us what you are trying to do, how you
have it configured,what error messages you are getting, etc.  You
will find that there is usually someone very willing to help.

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