Where do I make these changes?

ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY zamb at saudi.net.sa
Wed Jul 20 03:18:38 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 21:51 -0500, Barry Young wrote:
> I trying to add a video capture card to my Linux box.
> I am a NEWBIE ..
> The documentation says to add these lines:
> # I2C support
> # Multimedia devices
> # Video For Linux
> Is there a main configuration file or does each application installed
> or compiled have its own ini file or configuration file?
> Where do I add these lines?
> They also recommend a program called xawtv and they supplied a link.
> This program source code needs to be compiled?  Do I do that with the
> cc command?
> Is this common for linux / unix programs? They supply the source?
> Thanks!
> Barry
You don't need any of the above as Scott said.  Ubuntu is ready to
support your video capture card (provided that it's supported by Linux).

For start:  Go to "System" --> "Preferences" --> "Multimedia Systems
Selector" and go to the "Video" tab.  From the "Default Source" select
"Video for Linux 2 (v4l2)" (or if that didn't work, select "Video for
Linux (v4l)") and click "Test" to make sure everything is working

If everything is okay, you need to install an application that you can
use to capture the video.  One of those is "XawTV".  Another one is
"TVTime".  Both available in the "Universe" repository.  To add that to
your list of repositories go to "System" --> "Administration" -->
"Synaptic Package Manager".  You'll be prompted for your password.
After that and within Synaptic choose "Settings" --> "Repositories".
Choose the “Ubuntu 5.04 "Hoary Hedgehog" (Binary)” repository and click
the "Edit" button.  Change the "Sections:" field to become:
        main restricted universe multiverse
(The above will add the "main", "restricted", "universe", and
"multiverse" sections/repositories to your system.  Adjust as you need
but don't remove the "main" section in any circumstances!)

Finish the procedure (by clicking the "OK" button on both windows) and
it should reload/refresh your repository list (If that didn't happen
just click on the "Reload" button below the main menu).

In Synaptic search and install any (or both, if you like) of the above
mentioned applications.  After Synaptic finishes it's work run the
application by going to "Applications" --> "Run Application..." and
entering either "xawtv" or "tvtime" to run XawTV or TVTime respectively.


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