Where do I make these changes?

Rich wrtrdood at ml1.net
Tue Jul 19 11:34:34 UTC 2005

Barry Young wrote:

> I trying to add a video capture card to my Linux box.
> I am a NEWBIE ..
> The documentation says to add these lines:
> # I2C support
> # Multimedia devices
> # Video For Linux
>Is there a main configuration file or does each application installed or compiled have its own ini file or configuration file?
>Where do I add these lines?
This is part of the kernel configuration which is the file 
/usr/src/linux/.config.  Unless you are ready for a steep learning curve 
and potentially a lot of struggling, you probably don't want to go this 
route.  My experience with the current kernels provided by Ubuntu is 
that such an exercise is rarely necessary and that's the case here.  The 
lines you proviced would configure these options to be built as modules 
which has likely already been done for you.  You can check to see if 
these modules are already a part of your system with the lsmod command.  
You'll find a long list here.  Look for lines similar to what is show in 
the config statements.  Optionally you may need to manually add the 
modules with modprobe but I doubt it.

Building a new kernel is not for the faint of heart but I certainly 
would not discourage anyone from giving it a try.  It can be a lot of 
work, though, so prepare to spend a lot of time reading  ;)


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