Unofficial Ubuntu 5.04 Add-On CD - Install report (Is/was: Re: Update: Unofficial Ubuntu 5.04 Add-On CD)

hagen van rissenbeck news4didascali at
Wed Jul 13 20:20:33 UTC 2005

Chua Wen Kiat wrote:

> Try:
> Unofficial Ubuntu 5.04 Add-On CD

I did it!

Hi list, hi Chuat (is this your first name?),

it was purely by chance that I helped a newbie today installing our 
great ubuntu distro on a laptop.

First of all we installed the basic install cd without internet 
connection. To offer that newbie a complete desktop environment, I 
tested the new (?) Unofficial Ubuntu 5.04 Add-On CD. Chua posted the 
announcement of its release yesterday - was it really a new release?

However, we did the things described within the readme-file - extraction 
into the /home/<sudo-users>/Download - folder using the - 
script, than installation using the with the -auto 

The results? What should I say? The maintainers did a great job, 

I didn't test everything, but internet works fine (macromedia/java) and 
the you-know-what-I-mean-dvds are played by xine. All that without 
confusion. Within the next days, we will test more of the opportunities, 
a report will be followed.

The only difficulty: to explain the shell concept and scripting to a 
newbie ;-)

I have to repeat myself: a wonderful solution, that Unofficial Ubuntu 
5.04 Add-On CD. It reduces time and dystress during an installation.

Thanks a lot for that,


BTW: it was a medion laptop - a german no-name-hardware-seller which 
distributes pcs and laptops through the selling channels of germany's 
largest food discounter - aldi). I've had no time to configure the 
winmodem, probably I will hear from the laptop's owner, how he connects 
successfully to the internet ;-)

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