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Stephen R Laniel:

> Looks like Breezy has the latest versions of all these packages.

Not really. Breezy has rails 0.12.1-1, while the current
upstream is 0.13.1 (which Debian sid has as 0.13.1-1).

As for the ruby package, Breezy has the current 1.8.2-1.

> I wonder if you'd want to install Breezy
> versions of only the Ruby-related packages.

Unfortunately, ruby 1.8.2-1 is built basing on Breezy's libc6. If you'd
like to get Breezy's ruby, you'd have to get Breezy's libc6, and in such
case you can go full-Breezy anyway (libc6 is one of the "core" packages).

Alternatively, one could get ruby source package from Breezy and try to
rebuild just that on Hoary, and then get rails 0.13.1 via gems. Or, to
have rails "the apt way", rebuild rails from Debian sid (although I'm
not sure whether this would be as easy as rebuilding only ruby).

There's always a chance that the backport team could
be asked to backport the current ruby and rails for Hoary.

// As for my personal opinion: I'd try to get ruby and rails on Hoary,
// without upgrading the whole system to Breezy - rails in Breezy are
// not current anyway, and upgrading just for ruby is not worth it, if
// the package can be easily rebuilt on Hoary.

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