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On 7/6/05, Jean-Michel LEON-FOUN-LIN
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> Hi,
> I've got Ubuntu Hoary 5.0.4 installed on a PC laptop. The Netgear
> WG511T PCMCIA card works fine and lets met go on the internet and
> communicate with a G5 running Tiger 10.4.1 through a DSL modem/router.

I'm not sure I have an answer for you (I wrestle with Samba
occasionally myself), but I wanted to get some clarification in case I
CAN help. :) It sounds like you're trying to access Samba shares over
the public internet, is this correct? If so, it's my understanding
(which could of course be limited) that Samba probably isn't the most
secure way to do this. Perhaps you can tunnel Samba through SSH but I
haven't ever tried that personally.

Something that may be of use to you though is accessing the files
directly with SSH (and/or SCP, and/or SFTP). I don't have my Mac on
the network at the moment, so I can't try it, but I'll set it up if
the idea interests you. You SHOULD be able to "Connect to Server" in
Hoary and use the SSH option. Of course you need to have SSH turned on
on your Mac (in the Sharing Preference Pane). In theory, all your
read/write access should be the same as if you SSH'd to the Mac with
the terminal.

If you're going over the public internet, this seems like a more
secure way to do it to me. Perhaps someone else can comment that has
actually set up this situation before.

Hope this helps a little! :)


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