[Breezy] Icon problems ?

Julio Biason julio.biason at terra.com.br
Thu Jul 7 03:24:59 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 01:58 +0200, Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
> Just to be sure it's not just me, before I file a bug :

It is not. I just checked and my Breezy also show the same icon

> For example, if go to System->Preferences->Desktop Background, the icon
> has change a bit. The dominant colour the eye perceives is now a cold
> blue. No if you open it, the tiny icons in the window border (top left
> corner) is still the old one, which is more dark red than blue. Same old
> icon is repeated in the task bar, and also window selector applet (not
> installed by default).


> Same with Evolution, it has a nice new icon, but outside the menu, the
> old icon is still used, not consistent.

Actually, Evolution changes the current window-icon if you change the
"section": it shows an envelope on Mail, a rolodex on contacts and so
on. The launcher icon, on other hand, shows an envelope and a clock,
which is a grouping of some of the functions. It may be inconsistent
when open, but it seems right to me.

Julio Biason <julio.biason at terra.com.br>

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