[Breezy] Icon problems ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Wed Jul 6 23:58:55 UTC 2005

Just to be sure it's not just me, before I file a bug :

A few days ago I noticed that the daily update brought a few new menu
icons, but that the old version of the corresponding icons, are still in
use in some places, it's not consistent.

For example, if go to System->Preferences->Desktop Background, the icon
has change a bit. The dominant colour the eye perceives is now a cold
blue. No if you open it, the tiny icons in the window border (top left
corner) is still the old one, which is more dark red than blue. Same old
icon is repeated in the task bar, and also window selector applet (not
installed by default).
Same with Evolution, it has a nice new icon, but outside the menu, the
old icon is still used, not consistent.
Sam for "GQview" (image viewer from Universe), it just got a new, much
better looking icon, but the old ugly one is still used all over the
place :o(
I don't understand how all this work. I would have thought the Gnome
picked up whatever icon was used in the menu entry, and used it
everywhere, for metacity, task bars and whatever.

However if go look at the "screen resolution" menu entry, the icon has
changed (again, with a cold blue dominant colour), but is properly
repeated in the window border etc.

Still on the subject of icons, in the Preferences menu, there is a new
item: "About Me". There is no icon for this entry, it only displays the
default blue/white window icon.

Is it just me, or can I file a bug report about this ?


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