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Dick Davies rasputnik at
Wed Jul 6 12:23:06 UTC 2005

* Stephen R Laniel <steve at> [0748 04:48]:

> I'm glad that Linux has a strong community. But I'm not
> convinced that this will pay any bills in the long term.
> When you say that the community support makes Linux what it
> is, I can't help but think of my friend Adam, who some years
> ago tried to set up Debian (the Potato version) on his
> uncle's computer. After hours and hours of trying to get X
> to work, and get printers working, and so on and so on, they
> quit. His uncle went back to Windows.

I may be missing your point, but that has nothing to do with the community,
does it?

Linux 'just working' sounds like a pipe dream, especially when you consider
the range of hardware it runs on compared to apples extremely limited platform
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