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Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Wed Jul 6 12:37:02 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 13:23 +0100, Dick Davies wrote:

> Linux 'just working' sounds like a pipe dream, especially when you consider
> the range of hardware it runs on compared to apples extremely limited platform
> choice.

That's right. And, people, Apple didn't make big move (moving to Intel).
They just changed processor (cause of IBM dropping hardware development,
cause of people thinkig "WOW, Intel! I can have this at home", cause of
good marketing - "we now work on 4GHz CPU, not only 1.5", cause that
will make their sotcks raise). In the same way they change VGA cards :)
Nothing big will come of it. No big deal. In the end, their users get
worse processor.

OSX will run only on Apple's hardware. With that attitude, it's pice of
cake to make OS work out of the box (you control everything).

You see, even Windows aren't working out of the box on most machines,
and this is a operating system for wich hardware is built in a PC
world! :)
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