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Stephen R Laniel steve at
Wed Jul 6 04:37:50 UTC 2005

On Wed, Jul 06, 2005 at 02:15:46PM +1000, Serg Belokamen wrote:
> What a load of crap! 

I don't necessarily insist that people maintain 'nice
vocabulary,' but you at least owe me the courtesy of being
as respectful to me as I am to you. You don't escalate until
I do, and I don't until you do, and everyone is better as a
result, see?

> Support, help, SLA, etc.  Is the first thing you advertise when
> deploying a new product or service.
> It is in human nature to have a safety net, when you install Windows
> and ask a friends for help thats a "community of users".

You didn't understand what I wrote. My point is that the
community is there

a) to fix something that's broken (hence my point that OS X
doesn't advertise the presence of a community to fix its
problems -- it just works), and

b) just as much under Windows as it is under Linux.

> When you call MS and ask for help they tell you to reboot and if
> problem persists... well get a new computer. When you ask for help
> from Linux communitie you get actual help, advice  from 100's if not
> 1000's of experts.

Have you ever called Microsoft for tech support? What you
wrote sounds very Slashdot to me.

> I installed Debian from first time around, perhaps the problem was
> with "your friend Adam" and not with the system, which is usually the
> case.

No need to bust on other people. You also don't need to
stand behind Linux when it obviously fails. Debian Potato
was not usable by most people. Debian Sarge is. This is
progress. I said as much. Are you reading what I wrote, or
have you reflexively decided that I am Anti-Linux, hence

> >I am an all-around tech weenie,
> I guess you dont like it becuase you loosing business ay? Well times
> are changing, and perhaps now is a good time to evolve your skills my
> weenie friend.

You are not my friend. Perhaps someday you will be, but that
term is reserved for people whom I hold close to my heart --
not those who insist on descending to ad hominems. And
incidentally, it's spelled "losing."

Now, what you write above suggests that you think I am
losing business because I am trained as a Windows user, and
the world is moving away from Windows. Is this what you
imply? Because every single bit of work I do *by my own
choice* is under Linux. I have been using it as my sole OS
for three years. Please don't insinuate that I am some kind
of newbie, or that I am equivalent to the tech-support
drones you meet when you call Verizon.

However. Windows and OS X still command the market. It
behooves the unlucky among us to know our way around them.
And like many of us, I started life as a DOS user. I know my
way around Windows quite well, but I've moved on to better
things in Linux.

Now that all the stuff about me is out of the way, please
answer the following question, which gets to the heart of
what I was saying before: doesn't it seem to you that Mac OS
X users don't *need* a community to help them find their way
around OS X? Why do you suppose that is? And doesn't it seem
like the OSes that depend most heavily on a community --
namely Linux and Windows -- are the OSes that need the most
UI help?

Now. Stick to the issues. Don't use ad hominems. Act like an

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