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Tue Jul 5 22:03:04 UTC 2005

On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 10:59:19PM +0200, Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>There are a couple a things that keep bugging me about the Gnome menus,
>but in order not to feel to "guilty" ;-) for filing such trivial things
>in bugzilla, I would not mind if at least one other person could
>confirm that they see the same behavior. I did see it on two different
>machines of mine, but I would like "independent" opinion ;o)
>The first "bug" is in Warty, Hoary, and now Breezy. The second issue
>was NOT in present in Warty I am pretty sure, it only started doing it
>since Hoary.
>1) Sub-menu "responsiveness".
>Go for example in the "System" menu. Now move your mouse cursor over the
>"Preferences" item. give it just enough time to open the sub-menu and
>draw the icons. Now over hte mouse over the "Administration" menu just
>next to it, and do the same, let it open. Move your mouse cursor back to
>the Preference menu, let it open by itself (don't click), then back to
>the other menu. Do this all the time, open one, open the other, back to
>first, back to second...
>Eventually, at some point, when your move the mouse cursor is over one
>of the menu, nothing will happen, the menu will be like "frozen", for a
>about a second or so. You will put your mouse over a menu, but it will
>take a good second for Gnome to actually open the corresponding menu.
>It does it alllll the time. But it's random : sometimes it does it in
>the first 2 seconds of using the menu, and sometimes the problems will
>only show after 10 seconds. But if you rcycle intentionnaly back and
>forth between two adjacent menus, like I described, you are guaranteed
>to see it happen.

I had nothing to do so I was doing this for about 30 seconds--nothing!

>2) Problem when drawing the menu for the first time
>This one wasn't there in Warty, it only started doing it with Hoary, and
>now, Breezy.
>It is hard to notice, but the eye catches it somehow, and tells your
>brain that something is strange... You may have to try several times and
>concentrate, to notice it.
>When you open the "Applications" menu in the top panel, it behaves like
>an elastic band or something, it drop down then goes back up a bit !
>Difficult to explain. when you click to open it, the menu is drawn, then
>half a second later, it is re-drawn, but slightly "shorter". If you look
>at the bottom of the menu whilst it is being opened, it will feel like
>it's going down, then going back up a tiny little bit (maybe 2 or 3
>pixels, don't know), like it was someone jumping from off bridge,
>attached with a big elastic string, it goes down then "bounces" a bit
>before settling.
>Note that this ONLY happens when you log-in and open the menu for the
>FIRST time. Once you have opened it, it won't do it again, it will open
>normally, that is, "cleanly".
>TO see it do it again, simply log-out then back in again, click,
>watch... log-out, log-in, watch again.. ;o)

Yes. I can see it. I am now a bit worried it'll drive me mad because
I won't help noticing it every time from now on. Thank you very much!


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