Gnome menu's idiosyncrazy....

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Jul 5 20:59:19 UTC 2005

There are a couple a things that keep bugging me about the Gnome menus,
but in order not to feel to "guilty" ;-) for filing such trivial things
in bugzilla, I would not mind if at least one other person could confirm
that they see the same behavior. I did see it on two different machines
of mine, but I would like "independent" opinion ;o)

The first "bug" is in Warty, Hoary, and now Breezy. The second issue was
NOT in present in Warty I am pretty sure, it only started doing it since

1) Sub-menu "responsiveness".

Go for example in the "System" menu. Now move your mouse cursor over the
"Preferences" item. give it just enough time to open the sub-menu and
draw the icons. Now over hte mouse over the "Administration" menu just
next to it, and do the same, let it open. Move your mouse cursor back to
the Preference menu, let it open by itself (don't click), then back to
the other menu. Do this all the time, open one, open the other, back to
first, back to second...
Eventually, at some point, when your move the mouse cursor is over one
of the menu, nothing will happen, the menu will be like "frozen", for a
about a second or so. You will put your mouse over a menu, but it will
take a good second for Gnome to actually open the corresponding menu.

It does it alllll the time. But it's random : sometimes it does it in
the first 2 seconds of using the menu, and sometimes the problems will
only show after 10 seconds. But if you rcycle intentionnaly back and
forth between two adjacent menus, like I described, you are guaranteed
to see it happen.

2) Problem when drawing the menu for the first time

This one wasn't there in Warty, it only started doing it with Hoary, and
now, Breezy.
It is hard to notice, but the eye catches it somehow, and tells your
brain that something is strange... You may have to try several times and
concentrate, to notice it.
When you open the "Applications" menu in the top panel, it behaves like
an elastic band or something, it drop down then goes back up a bit !
Difficult to explain. when you click to open it, the menu is drawn, then
half a second later, it is re-drawn, but slightly "shorter". If you look
at the bottom of the menu whilst it is being opened, it will feel like
it's going down, then going back up a tiny little bit (maybe 2 or 3
pixels, don't know), like it was someone jumping from off bridge,
attached with a big elastic string, it goes down then "bounces" a bit
before settling.
Note that this ONLY happens when you log-in and open the menu for the
FIRST time. Once you have opened it, it won't do it again, it will open
normally, that is, "cleanly".
TO see it do it again, simply log-out then back in again, click,
watch... log-out, log-in, watch again.. ;o)

I hope I somehow managed to describe these two things well enough, that
someone else can try and reproduce them. I am sure that a native English
speaker would have explained it perfectly in 2 lines instead of 2 pages,
so please forgive the lengthy mail.... I am just a poor Frog trying his
best, which sadly does not always suffice ;-)

Anxiously waiting any reports/comments,


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