is breezy stable enough to use

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at
Fri Jul 1 02:59:52 UTC 2005

On Friday 01 of July 2005 04:48, Chanchao wrote:

> Is it just an 'update' that takes a bit longer to download than usual?
> Or a complete new install?

 It's just an update. But this time you have to do dist-upgrade, to pull all 
the new stuff from Breezy. It should Just Work[tm], but with lots of packages 
from Universe/Multiuniverse something *might* break. But that's nothing that 
can not be resolved quickly.

 I moved Debian-based distribution from one version to another dozen of times, 
without a major work.

 Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski,
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