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Wed Aug 17 10:59:32 UTC 2005

> From: Andrew Millar <andy-mail at>

1. afaiaa there is a majority of people that don't have flatrates or even 
dsl. german countryside is only isdn connected, i think of regions in russia 
or africa where every tranfered bit is golden (ok that regions may not have 
electricity...) so i dont think this is a small audience...
2. is it possible to include the dvd packagedisks (klickandgo) into the 
repository, that would help for a start, ill download and copy that disks 
for the offliners
(this is the work that has to be done: order the cds)
ln -s /mirror/packages/dev-ide /cd/develop/dev-ide
ln -s /mirror/packages/dev-perl /cd/develop/dev-perl
cronjob nightly: mkisofs (opt) -o /http/isos/develop-nightly.iso/cd/develop/

okok thats not so easy, dependencys are not on the disc with this "script" i 
am not a apt user, so i don't know the possibilitys exactly

i prefer the debiandiscs thats quick and easy :)

thanks for your opinion :)

From: Paul O'Malley <ompaul at>

> What I do in that type of situation is to capture all the content of
> /var/cache/apt/archives/

i considered that there are collected packages for some uses
/usr/portage/distfiles/ works like this....
but mounting a disc on /var/cache/apt/archives is not what i consider 
usability for humans, i've got the skills for that but the average user...

thanks for your tipp, i will download the latest debiandvd and create a 

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