OpenOffice & MySpell on AMD64

Patrick Cherry patch-ubuntu at
Thu Sep 30 09:44:25 UTC 2004

On Wed 29 Sep 2004, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> It works for me.  Are you sure that you have myspell-en-us installed?

Yes, well actually myspell-en-gb.  But I've just apt-get'd myspell-en-us
and the spanish language stuff and that's made no difference to the

Here's the list of packages installed on my machine:

patch at bitch ~ $ dpkg --list | egrep -i '(office|spell)'
ii  dictionaries-c 0.22.28        Common utilities for spelling dictionary too
ii  ia32-libs-open 1ubuntu1       ia32 shared libraries for with OpenOffice.or
ii  libmyspell3    3.1-6          MySpell spellchecking library
ii  myspell-en-gb  20030813-3     English (GB) dictionary for myspell
ii 1.1.2-2ubuntu6 high-quality office productivity suite
ii 1.1.2-2ubuntu6 office suite binary files
ii 1.1.2-4+1      Debian specific parts of
ii 20030813-3     English (GB) hyphenation pattern for OpenOff
ii 1.1.2-2ubuntu6 English (US) language package for OpenOffice
ii 1.1.2-2ubuntu6 Spanish language package for
ii 1.1.2-2ubuntu6 MIME bindings for KDE
ii 1.1.2-2ubuntu6 English (US) Thesaurus for

I've tried purging and reinstalling all of these, and deleting my
~/.openoffice and .sversionrc, but all to no avail.

I guess I should learn to spell :)


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