OpenOffice & MySpell on AMD64

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Wed Sep 29 20:42:37 UTC 2004

On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 12:59:58PM +0100, Patrick Cherry wrote:

> Has anyone had problems getting the spellchecking under Ooo to work?
> I've installed all the correct dictionaries and language packs but the
> 'MySpell' module does not show up in "Options -> Language Settings ->
> Writing Aids".  I was wondering if anyone else has this same problem in
> Ubuntu.  There are some Debian bugs hanging around (#266810), but I've
> compared my installation on my ubuntu machine with that on a debian Sid
> machine and they appear to be indentical :(

It works for me.  Are you sure that you have myspell-en-us installed?

 - mdz

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