install trouble: bad d-i Packages file

Neil Woolford neil at
Wed Sep 29 20:29:18 UTC 2004

At 19:31 29/09/04, David McGaffin wrote:

>"There was a problem reading data from the CDROM.  Please make sure it
>is in the drive.  If retrying does not work, you should check the
>integrity of your CDROM."

>I am trying to install this on a Dell Inspiron 7500.  I have never
>installed a Debian-based distro before, but have never had trouble
>installing Mandrake Linux over the last two years.

I've also had a similar problem with my Inspiron 7500, using a Warty CD 
carrying the image from a few weeks ago.  The CD is fine as it has 
installed OK on two other (non laptop) systems.  The system has SuSE 9.0 
running well on dual boot with Windows 98SE.  (Not the worst Windows, but 
certainly not the most stable, and now slipping out of being supported.)

I assumed that it'd be fixed on the release CD's in a few weeks so didn't 
take it further.  But if there is a fix I'd like to get Ubuntu on sooner 
rather than later.


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