install trouble: bad d-i Packages file

David McGaffin david-lists at
Wed Sep 29 18:31:54 UTC 2004


I am trying to install Warty.  The install repeatedly hangs at the "Load
installer components from CD" step with the console message:[42767]: Not a directory[42767]: WARNING **: bad d-i Packages file[42767]: grep: /cdrom/dists/stable/Release: Not a

The Normal mode install gets stuck in a loop of this message.  In Expert
mode, selecting all of the defaults, a message appears that says:

"There was a problem reading data from the CDROM.  Please make sure it
is in the drive.  If retrying does not work, you should check the
integrity of your CDROM."

I have tried with several different options, as suggested by the install
help, and I have checked the integrity of the CDROM.  That is, I have
downloaded the iso twice, verified the md5sum of the iso, and burned to
two separate disks.  No luck.  

I am trying to install this on a Dell Inspiron 7500.  I have never
installed a Debian-based distro before, but have never had trouble
installing Mandrake Linux over the last two years.

Thanks for any suggestions.

- david

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