Difficult apt question [was: Re: Installation report]

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at canonical.com
Tue Sep 28 14:35:24 UTC 2004

Hi Guillermo!

On 2004-09-24 12:05 -0300, Guillermo Movia wrote:
> - I put the basic installation method (linux at prompt) because i want
> to try the most common for the basic user. The configuration apt
> question is heavy to understand (sorry for my english, i'm from
> Argentina). 

Which question do you mean in particular? apt should not ask any
technical questions (just whether to download packages from the
Internet, which IMHO is self-explanatory).

> - When i install Debian Sarge with Debian installer, the grub
> installation ask me for the Windows detected and use it. In ubuntu,
> detect all and write perfectly the menu.lst, but with hiddenmenu
> option, i couldn't  boot windows till change the grub menu.lst. I
> think that this is difficult for a beginner.

This is a known bug and being worked on. It should be fixed in the
final release.

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