Installation report

Guillermo Movia guillermo.movia at
Fri Sep 24 15:05:50 UTC 2004

Hi, i installed ubuntu preview release in a compaq machine. All works
fine. Just some things:
- I put the basic installation method (linux at prompt) because i want
to try the most common for the basic user. The configuration apt
question is heavy to understand (sorry for my english, i'm from
Argentina). When i hit that i want to download programs by Internet,
the installation continue and copy all the cdrom files to the
harddisk. I think that this is usefull but use a lot of disk space.
- When i install Debian Sarge with Debian installer, the grub
installation ask me for the Windows detected and use it. In ubuntu,
detect all and write perfectly the menu.lst, but with hiddenmenu
option, i couldn't  boot windows till change the grub menu.lst. I
think that this is difficult for a beginner.


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