Ubuntu Drive Visible to OS X?

Brett Kirksey ubuntu-users at valx.mailshell.com
Wed Sep 22 13:41:06 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 21 September 2004 at 14:29-0700, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> The hfsplus module is already compiled and installed by default, and
> automatically loads when you try to mount an hfsplus filesystem.  The only
> bit that is missing is that we don't (currently) detect that they are
> present and set them up to be mounted automatically, so you need to edit
> /etc/fstab by hand.

I'm good at editing. I was formerly an editor at a magazine. Is there anything particular I should look for in my editing or just basic grammar and spelling? :-)

(i.e. What exactly am I supposed to edit to make this work?)

My level of Linux knowledge:

    A Kernel is on a cob of corn.
    A Kernel Module is something you keep your corn in.
    An fstab is is a newer version of the classic diet drink.

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