Ubuntu Drive Visible to OS X?

Matt Zimmerman mdz at canonical.com
Tue Sep 21 21:29:08 UTC 2004

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 11:49:38PM -0400, Brett Kirksey wrote:

> I don't want anyone to go out and do my work for me in getting something
> to work that I would like to work. But I have never dealt with a kernel
> module, kernel package, apt-get, kernel sources, /boot/config file,
> kernel-src/.config, adding modules I want, or compiling a custom kernel.
>  I am interested in learning how to get a system running, but I'm not
> interested in acquiring a minor in computer engineering to do it.

The hfsplus module is already compiled and installed by default, and
automatically loads when you try to mount an hfsplus filesystem.  The only
bit that is missing is that we don't (currently) detect that they are
present and set them up to be mounted automatically, so you need to edit
/etc/fstab by hand.

 - mdz

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