Help needed - German keyboard in X11

Karsten Fischer kfischer at
Wed Sep 22 06:32:20 UTC 2004

Am 19.09.2004 um 22:17 schrieb Martin Pitt:

> Hi Karsten!
> On 2004-09-17 18:05 +0200, Karsten Fischer wrote:
>> I just installed Ubuntu on my iBook (never done something like his
>> before and it seems to work, mostly that is. I cannot get my german
>> keyboard from the ibook to work properly, especially the @,{[]} and
>> perhaps other keys do not work. I searched on the internet but did not
>> get a solution which works. Has anybody an idea?
> This happens to me, too. At least the German iBooks don't come along
> with an AltGr key. This works on the text consoles (althought Alt and
> Apple are swapped there).
> This problem also appears in Sid. As a really hackish solution I
> have a ~/.xmodmap file there which uses the Apple key as AltGr. This
> file is loaded automatically at start, but Gnome will then ask a
> question whether to use the X11 or GNOME settings.

Hm. Yeah, I came up with something similar, using the Option-Key as 
AltGr. Maybe it would be a good idea to have just one Standard-Key?

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