KVM and mouse problems

rodd ahrenstorff roddmail at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 16:26:02 UTC 2004

Kernel 2.6 has problems with the ImPS/2 mouse driver and numerous KVM
models.  I don't know if this problem is brand/model specific, but the
mouse loses sync when the KVM is switched away > back to Linux.

I've found this problem common on any Debian based distro using a
Belkin OmniView E series 4-port KVM.  I haven't used anything but
Debian lately.

The PS/2 driver does not cause this problem, but you lose all "wheel"
functionality.  Reloading the psmouse module will resync the mouse
again until another KVM switch occures.

Below are several methods to rectify the problem but I'm not sure what
should be recommended.  Anyone else experience this problem?  Google
shows a lot of traffic on this issue.

a. psmouse proto=bare (add to kernel command line in grub)
b. proto=bare (add to psmouse module command line)
c. lsmod (to verify psmouse and mousedev modules loaded)
d. modprobe psmouse (temporarily/manually load psmouse module)
e. psmouse proto=imps (for wheel mice add to /etc/modules file)
f. psmouse proto=bare (for non-wheel mice add to /etc/modules file)
g. psmouse-noext=1 (passed to kernel during boot…unsure of success)
h. switch to a USB mouse
i. editing XF86Config from "IMPS/2" to "PS/2" (untested)

Ubuntu looks very promising!

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