Help needed - German keyboard in X11

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sun Sep 19 20:17:05 UTC 2004

Hi Karsten!

On 2004-09-17 18:05 +0200, Karsten Fischer wrote:
> I just installed Ubuntu on my iBook (never done something like his
> before and it seems to work, mostly that is. I cannot get my german
> keyboard from the ibook to work properly, especially the @,{[]} and
> perhaps other keys do not work. I searched on the internet but did not
> get a solution which works. Has anybody an idea?

This happens to me, too. At least the German iBooks don't come along
with an AltGr key. This works on the text consoles (althought Alt and
Apple are swapped there).

This problem also appears in Sid. As a really hackish solution I
have a ~/.xmodmap file there which uses the Apple key as AltGr. This
file is loaded automatically at start, but Gnome will then ask a
question whether to use the X11 or GNOME settings.

Since I have a terminal started by default, my other hack for this is
to store this modmap as ~/.altgr-modmap and my .bashrc contains the

if ["$DISPLAY"]; then
  xmodmap ~/.altgr-modmap

I agree, this is a really ugly hack, but it works as a short-term


Matin Pitt              
Ubuntu Developer  
Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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!!remove Mod5    = Mode_switch
keycode 0x60 =	NoSymbol
keycode 0x6F =	Print	Sys_Req
keycode 0x4E =	Scroll_Lock
keycode 0x6E =	Pause	Break
keycode 0x31 =	asciicircum	degree	notsign
keycode 0x0A =	1	exclam	onesuperior	exclamdown
keycode 0x0B =	2	quotedbl	twosuperior	oneeighth
keycode 0x0C =	3	section	threesuperior	sterling
keycode 0x0D =	4	dollar	onequarter	currency
keycode 0x0E =	5	percent	onehalf	threeeighths
keycode 0x0F =	6	ampersand	threequarters	fiveeighths
keycode 0x10 =	7	slash	braceleft	seveneighths
keycode 0x11 =	8	parenleft	bracketleft	trademark
keycode 0x12 =	9	parenright	bracketright	plusminus
keycode 0x13 =	0	equal	braceright	degree
keycode 0x14 =	ssharp	question	backslash	questiondown
keycode 0x15 =	apostrophe	grave	cedilla	ogonek
keycode 0x16 =	BackSpace
keycode 0x4D =	Num_Lock	Pointer_EnableKeys
keycode 0x17 =	Tab	ISO_Left_Tab
keycode 0x18 =	q	Q	at	Greek_OMEGA
keycode 0x19 =	w	W	lstroke	Lstroke
keycode 0x1A =	e	E	EuroSign
keycode 0x1B =	r	R	paragraph	registered
keycode 0x1C =	t	T	tslash	Tslash
keycode 0x1D =	z	Z	leftarrow	yen
keycode 0x1E =	u	U	downarrow	uparrow
keycode 0x1F =	i	I	rightarrow	idotless
keycode 0x20 =	o	O	oslash	Ooblique
keycode 0x21 =	p	P	thorn	THORN
keycode 0x22 =	udiaeresis	Udiaeresis	diaeresis	degree
keycode 0x23 =	plus	asterisk	asciitilde	macron
keycode 0x4F =	KP_Home	KP_7
keycode 0x50 =	KP_Up	KP_8
keycode 0x51 =	KP_Prior	KP_9
keycode 0x26 =	a	A	ae	AE
keycode 0x27 =	s	S	ssharp	section
keycode 0x28 =	d	D	eth	ETH
keycode 0x29 =	f	F	dstroke	ordfeminine
keycode 0x2A =	g	G	eng	ENG
keycode 0x2B =	h	H	hstroke	Hstroke
keycode 0x2D =	k	K	kra	ampersand
keycode 0x2E =	l	L	at	Lstroke
keycode 0x2F =	odiaeresis	Odiaeresis	acute	dead_doubleacute
keycode 0x5E =  less 		greater 	bar
keycode 0x30 =	adiaeresis	Adiaeresis	asciicircum	caron
keycode 0x33 =	numbersign	apostrophe	grave	breve
keycode 0x53 =	KP_Left	KP_4
keycode 0x54 =	KP_Begin	KP_5
keycode 0x55 =	KP_Right	KP_6
keycode 0x34 =	y	Y	guillemotleft	less
keycode 0x35 =	x	X	guillemotright	greater
keycode 0x36 =	c	C	cent	copyright
keycode 0x37 =	v	V	leftdoublequotemark	grave
keycode 0x38 =	b	B	rightdoublequotemark	apostrophe
keycode 0x3A =	m	M	mu	masculine
keycode 0x3B =	comma	semicolon	horizconnector	multiply
keycode 0x3C =	period	colon	periodcentered	division
keycode 0x3D =	minus	underscore	dead_belowdot	abovedot
keycode 0x57 =	KP_End	KP_1
keycode 0x58 =	KP_Down	KP_2
keycode 0x59 =	KP_Next	KP_3
keycode 0x6C =	Meta_L
keycode 0x73 =	Mode_switch	Multi_key
!keycode 0x6C =	Mode_switch	Multi_key
!keycode 0x73 =	Meta_L
keycode 0x71 =	Alt_R
keycode 0x74 =	Multi_key
keycode 0x75 =	Menu
keycode 0x6D =	Control_R
keycode 0x5A =	KP_Insert	KP_0
keycode 0x5B =	KP_Delete	KP_Decimal

add    Control = Control_R
add    Mod1    = Alt_R Alt_R
!add    Mod3    = Mode_switch
!add    Mod4    = Meta_L

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