beginner with 3 problems

carlos cggff at
Mon Sep 20 23:11:00 UTC 2004


I install Ubuntu today and i think that is fantastic. But i have three

- i don't have sound. 

I have two sound cards, a Sound Blaster Live! Value and another that is
with the motherboard. The device manager knows that i have a SB Live!
Emu10k1, but i can't make no sound with that.

- i can't make my wireless card work

I have an SMC2802W wireless card and I don't know what i must to do.

- i can't install mono

I add the line "deb ./"
to /etc/apt/sources.list. Then i "make apt-get update" and when i try to
install something say that can't install. I read, that i must have to
enable universe in your sources.list for these packages, but i don't
know who i must to do.

If anybody can help me, i will be very happy.

post-data: i think Ubuntu is fantastic 

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