Finally managed to install

vexborg at vexborg at
Sun Sep 19 08:09:46 UTC 2004

Good morning evrybody :-)

Yes, I've finally managed to install Ubuntu (downloaded and burned a new CD) - and I must say that I'm impressed: Ubuntu is the first linux distrubution which as manged to recognise my external USB harddrive! Great work...

The only thing bugs me now, is the fact, when I try to play an .mp3 file in either Music PLayer or Totem (which I think is the default in my setup), the players refuse to play any music - Music Player gives these errors "OSS device "/dev/dsp" is already in use by another program." and "Could not pause playback" - besides from that, nothing happens.

Totem gives this error "And error occured - Resource busy or not available.", and when I click ok, Totem shuts down.

I know that my sound devices works, although they are rather distorted - my system uses an VIA VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller, but I wonder if the controller is sharing ressources with something else in the system, and thus giving the above error messages?

Would it help, if I installed a sound card based on the CT5880 chip? I happens to have an old Creative Sound Blaster 128 PCI card in a box...

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Kind regards,


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