Synaptic is hanging

Michael Vogt mvogt at
Fri Sep 17 17:03:14 UTC 2004

On Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 11:05:54AM -0400, billg wrote:
> >....I fire up Synaptic and mark Epiphany for installation. Synaptic
> >then starts to download the needed files but hangs after a while. End
> >result is that nothing gets installed.
> What messages did Synaptic post? If you saw something like "0% Waiting
> for headers..." sit on screen for several minutes, it is almost
> certainly because you're stacked up in the queue at the Ubuntu servers.
> Be patient, or try later, when you think all the other Ubuntu users are
> sleeping. :-)

I'm very interessted in reports about any failures of synaptic. If you
experience crashes or hangs (or other inconveniences), please report

> If Synaptic posted no messages, or crashed, that's a different story, of
> course. I've seen it appear to crash here:  If I enter a typoed
> password into the prompt box box, I see this less than intuitive error
> message: "failed to run /usr/bin/synaptic as root: Child terminated with
> 1 status" The message ought to tell you your password was wrong and loop
> back to the prompt box.

Thanks a lot for this report. I'll forward this to the gksu people and
ask for a better error message here.


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